Questions to BGCA


(Comments in parentheses are from BGCA)

  1. How many BGCA executives are eligible for bonus compensation?
  2. What are the criteria for the top two other than Roxanne Spillett (note compensation for Roxanne is outlined in the documents posted on
  3. What is the nature of BGCA’s foreign investments – are they in a foreign equity market?
  4. Are any of BGCA’s investments in Hedge Funds?  If so is this because of how we received them from donors?
  5. How much control does BGCA have over its 60 different endowment funds?
  6. How much funding comes from state government ($81 million in 2008 – see Setting the Record Straight) – how much was cut – percentage, et al?
  7. Does BGCA have list of current Assets value? (note 2009 990-form is not complete at this time)