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Annie E. Casey Foundation

This state-by-state database tracking the health and well-being of U.S. children and their families has been updated to include information on the likelihood of children to live in single-parent families. While African-American and Hispanic children are shown to have significantly higher rates of growing up in a single-parent home than non-Hispanic white children, immigrant children are less likely to live in single-parent families than U.S.-born children, the new research shows.

Based on findings from 2008, the report shows the overall rate of U.S. children living in single-parent families is 32 percent, with the likelihood far higher for African-American (65 percent) and Hispanic children (38 percent) than non-Hispanic white children (23 percent). Among immigrant families, 23 percent of children live in single-parent homes, compared with 35 percent of U.S.-born children.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation, a nonprofit that advocates for disadvantaged children, funds Kids Count to provide benchmarks for child well-being.

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