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Public/Private Ventures

Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) draws six recommendations from its seven years of working with the Nurse-Family Partnership program in Pennsylvania. The Nurse-Family Partnership initiative provides low-income women pregnant for the first time with a personal nurse who visits the mother before the baby is born and for two years afterward. The program strives to help mothers experience a healthy pregnancy, and to help parents make healthy choices for their child and families to maintain financial stability. Because it is difficult to replicate evidence-based programs on a broad scale, the organization gives its recommendations through this report as examples for other states that are interested in expanding similar models. It focuses on the importance of capitalizing on local programs to create a larger impact in the local community.

Its six main recommendations are: choosing the right implementing agencies; making sure the program is well-received and integrated into the community; creating a community of practice; paying attention to detail in order to promote quality; actively engaging local administrators; and investing in program evaluations.

P/PV is s nonprofit organization that works to develop programs for the well-being of low-income communities through innovation, research and action.

Free, 51 pages.