Grants Awarded for December 2009-January 2010

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The Hearst Foundations
New York
(212) 586-5404

• Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles, $50,000 toward scholarship support.

• DePaul University, Chicago, $100,000 to provide financial aid to students from underrepresented populations.

• Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, $50,000 to support educational programming for young people, including the teen program inkTank.

• Writers in the Schools, Houston, $75,000 to support the WITS Alliance program over three years.

• Youth Speaks, San Francisco, $50,000 to support Arts-In-Education programs.

• Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay, Boston, $50,000 to programs in greater Boston’s urban core.

• Boy Scouts of America – Greater New York Councils, New York, $125,000 to the Scoutreach program.

• Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, Mo., $50,000 to support the Dreams to Reality campaign.

• CompuMentor Project, San Francisco, $200,000 for the TechSoup Commerce Server project.

• Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties, $75,000 to the Jobs for Our Community campaign.

• Homeboy Industries, Los Angeles, $100,000 for hands-on job training.

• Inner-City Arts, Los Angeles, $100,000 for the expansion of the Early Arts Learning Initiative.

• National Aquarium in Baltimore, $60,000 to youth education and outreach programs.

• 92nd Street Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association, New York, $100,000 to the education outreach program.

• Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, $100,000 to the Gallery of Heroes, an education and outreach program for children and youth.

• University of California, Riverside, $75,000 for Off the Block, a program for aspiring high school artists and performers.

• Children’s Hospital, New Orleans, $50,000 to the School Kids Immunization Program.

• Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics, Thornton, Colo., $50,000 for general support.

Mott Foundation
Flint, Mich.
(810) 238-5651

• Tiger Woods Foundation, Irvine, Calif., $1 million for dissemination of tools and resources.

• Collaborative Communications Group, Washington, D.C., $1.3 million for supporting the National Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks.

• Tides Center, San Francisco, $ 1 million for the Youth Development Institute, for developing community-based career and technical education strategies for youth who have dropped out of school.

• Intercultural Development Research Association, San Antonio, $150,000 for the Brown and Mendez Dialogues on Multiple Pathways to Graduation.

• Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Mich., $50,000 for Genesee County Out-of- School Youth Initiative.

• Connecticut After School Network, Bradford, $225,000 for the Connecticut Statewide Afterschool Network.

• Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Association, Columbus, $225,000 for the Ohio Statewide Afterschool Network.

• Synergy Enterprises, Silver Spring, Md., $250,000 for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Summer Institute.

• National Conference of State Legislators, Denver, $275,000 for Informing State Legislators: Statewide Afterschool Policy.

• Council of Chief State School Officers, Washington, D.C., $350,000 for Building State Capacity and Supporting Statewide Afterschool Networks.

• Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence, Phoenix, $225,000 for the Arizona Statewide Afterschool Network.

• Champlain Valley Educator Development Center, Burlington Vt., $225,000 for the Vermont State Afterschool Network.

• South Dakota Voices for Children, Sioux Falls, $225,000 for the South Dakota Statewide Afterschool Network.

• West Virginia University Research Corp., Morgantown, $225,000 for the West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network.

• YMCA of Seattle-King County-Snohomish County, Seattle, $225,000 for the Washington Statewide Afterschool Network.

• Child Development for Kids, Malden, Mass., $225,000 for the Massachusetts Statewide Afterschool Network.

• GMMB, Washington, D.C., $745,000 for A New Day for the Learning Social Marketing Campaign.

• Voices for Utah Children, Salt Lake City, $225,000 for the Utah Statewide Afterschool Network.

• Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Flint, Mich., $10,000 for the Improving Outcomes for Out-of-School in Michigan meeting.

• Kalamazoo Community Foundation, Kalamazoo, Mich., $100,000 for Improving Outcomes for Out-of-School Youth in Michigan.

• Northeastern University, Boston, $42,225 for Labor Market, Economic, Social, Civic and Fiscal Consequences of Dropping Out of High School in Michigan.

• After-School Corp., New York, $225,000 for the New York Statewide Afterschool Network.

• Chrysalis Foundation, Des Moines, Iowa, $225,000 for the Iowa Statewide Afterschool Network.

• YouthBuild USA, Somerville, Mass., $250,000 for the Growth Plan.

• City Connect Detroit, $100,000 for Improving Outcomes for Out-of-School Youth in Michigan.

• Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Washington, D.C., $600,000 for the State Fiscal and Low-Income Initiatives Project.

• YouthBuild USA, Somerville, Mass., $200,000 for Opening Career Pathways.

• Center for Community Change, Washington D.C., $300,000 for general purposes.

Public Welfare Foundation
Washington, D.C.
(202) 965-1800

• Children’s Defense Fund, New York, $100,000 for the advancement of systemic juvenile justice reform in New York.

• Citizens for Juvenile Justice, Boston, $50,000 for general support.

• Institute for Juvenile Justice Reform and Alternatives, Brooklyn, N.Y., $50,000 to support organizing and advocacy activities.

• Justice Policy Institute, Washington, D.C., $200,000 to support and design a prison classifying modeling system.

• The Sentencing Project, Washington, D.C., $400,000 for general support.

• Human Rights Watch, New York, $50,000 for human rights projects. Bellevue, Wash., $175,000 for general support.

• Arkansas Department of Human Services, Little Rock, $155,000 for juvenile justice reform.

• Campaign for Youth Justice, Washington D.C., $250,000 for general support.

• Children and Family Justice Center, Chicago, $150,000 for the Center of Wrongful Convictions of Youth.

• Children’s Law Center, Covington, Ky., $75,000 for the Ohio Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative.

• Families and Allies of Virginia’s Youth, Arlington, Va. $30,000 for advocacy.

• Justice Policy Institute, Washington D.C., $150,000 for general support.

• Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, $100,000 for general justice reform and litigation.

• W. Haywood Burns Institute, San Francisco, $100,000 for general support.

• Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, Washington D.C., $100,000 for policy development.

• Campaign for Youth Justice, Washington D.C., $100,000 for general support.

• Equal justice Initiative of Alabama, Montgomery, $100,000 for general support.

Kresge Foundation
Troy, Mich.
(248) 643-9630

•Nonprofit Finance Fund, New York, $4 million to build maintenance reserve funds.

• ARISE Detroit, $125,000 to revitalize Detroit neighborhoods.

• MDRC, New York, $650,000 for performance-based scholarship demonstrations.

• Scholarship America, Minneapolis, $1.5 million to expand the Dreamkeepers Emergency Financial Assistance Program.

• Unite-LA, Los Angeles, $900,000 for the California Cash for College Program.

• Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington D.C., $83,000 for Nutrition Advocacy planning.

• Austin Children’s Shelter, Austin, Texas, $100,000 for economic crisis gap funding.

• Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua, N.H., $100,000 for economic crisis gap funding.

•Boys & Girls Club of King County, Seattle, Wash., $75,000 for economic crisis gap funding.

•Catholic Charities of Spokane, Wash., $75,000 for economic crisis gap funding.

• CHRIS Kids, Atlanta, $800,000 for economic crisis gap funding.

• Domestic Violence Action Center, Honolulu, $100,000 for economic crisis gap funding.

• Family & Children’s Service of Niagara, Niagara Falls, N.Y., $300,000 for a one-stop family center.

• Family Scholar House, Louisville, Ky., $50,000 for economic crisis gap funding.

• Sojourner Center, Phoenix, $100,000 for economic crisis gap funding.

• The Lower Eastside Girls Club NY, New York, $1.5 million for Center for Community.

• YWCA of York, Pa., $100,000 for economic crisis gap funding.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Battle Creek, Mich.
(269) 968-1611

These grants are for work related to Kellogg’s Food and Community program, which promotes “community-driven efforts and national projects that are working to increase access to healthy food and physical activity for vulnerable children and their families.” Each of the following grantees will receive $1.2 million:

• Tohono O’odham Community Action, Sells, Ariz.

• Health Promotion Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

• Holyoke Health Center, Mass.

• Boston Public Health Commission.

•Alameda County Community Food Bank, Oakland, Calif.

• City Harvest, New York.

• Washington State University, Seattle, Wash.

• Community Foundation Greater Dubuque, Iowa.

• Gleaners Community Food Bank, Detroit.