Federal Earmarks 2010

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The number of youth earmarks continues its descent in the fiscal 2010 federal budget. Youth Today found 813 earmarks by poring over various congressional appropriations. That’s down from just over 1,000 in fiscal 2009 and a recent high of 1,363 in fiscal 2005.

[You can also download a four-page spread of earmarks here.]

The biggest difference is in dollars. The youth earmarks totaled $309 million in fiscal 2010, compared with $636 million for 2009.

A large part of the funding decline can be explained by the $168 million in earmarks last year that went to 11 military bases to build child development centers.

Click the image (right) to access Youth Today’s searchable spreadsheet of all 813 earmarks. You can group earmarks alphabetically, by amount, by state or by federal department. Simply select the “Data” option at the top of the spreadsheet, then click “Sort.” Use the “Sort” box to customize your search.