Court Funding Guidelines Announced

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The State Justice Institute (SJI), which provides funding to improve the operations of state and local courts – including the juvenile system – last week published its annual proposed grant guidelines for fiscal 2010.

Congress has not yet finished the 2010 appropriations process so it’s unclear what the Virginia-based nonprofit – authorized by law to improve the administration of justice – will have to spend on grants. However, with a House panel proposing around $5.1 million and a Senate panel recommending $5 million for SJI, the institute says it “intends to solicit grant applications across the range of grant programs available.”

Among other purposes, funding may be awarded to:

  • Evaluate projects to determine their impact on criminal, civil and juvenile justice and the extent to which they have contributed to improving the quality of justice in the state courts;
  • Further judicial education; and
  • Hire consultants to help state and local agencies develop, maintain and coordinate criminal, civil and juvenile justice programs and services.

State and local court agencies and national nonprofits are eligible. Submission requirements and deadlines vary depending on the type of program for which grant seekers apply. Additional information is on the SJI website.