Rite of Passage? Why Young Adults Become Uninsured and How New Policies Can HelpThe Commonwealth Fund

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More than 13 million young people ages 19 to 29 lacked health insurance coverage in 2007 because of the structure of many health plans, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report. While some full-time college students receive coverage through their parents’ or college-provided plans, the collective rate of uninsured part-time students and non-students between the ages of 19 and 23 is 37 percent—almost twice the rate of uninsured full-time students.

According to the report, 26 states have passed leg¬islation that increases the age of dependency for young adults with private insurance coverage. In some states, young people can be covered by their parents’ plans up until the age of 30. Free, 22 pages. (212) 606-3800, http://www.commonwealthfund.org/Content/Publications/Issue-Briefs/2009/Aug/Rite-of-Passage-Why-Young-Adults-Become-Uninsured-and-How-New-Policies-Can-Help-2009-Update.aspx.