National JJ Mentoring Grants Announced


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced the national juvenile mentoring grants today, a total of $129 million in grants that comes partially from Recovery Act money and partially from regular 2009 appropriations.

The winners list includes some new faces: Goodwill Industries of America, who we mentioned earlier this year would be trying to do more work with young offenders, is one. Another is YouthBuild USA, which we are fairly certain has not received OJJDP money in the past.

The list is also absent a familiar name in mentoring: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. A number of BBBSA affiliates won local mentoring grants, announced in August, but the parent organization received none of the national pie. Full disclosure: JJ Today has no idea yet whether BBBSA applied, though we also have no idea why they wouldn't.

Here is a list of all recipients:

Recovery Act Grants

*The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Atlanta, GA ($44,400,000)

*Goodwill Industries International, Rockville, MD ($19,160,337)

*Public/Private Ventures, Philadelphia, PA ($17,829,110)

*National Association of Police Athletic Activities Leagues, Inc., Jupiter, FL ($3,700,000).

Fiscal Year 2009 Appropriations

*Home Builders Institute, Washington, DC ($9,949,890)

*The Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation, Washington, DC ($9,093,440)

*YouthBuild USA, Somerville, MA ($8,840,914)

*Young Men's Christian Association, San Francisco, CA ($7,129,327)

*The Institute for Educational Leadership, Washington, DC ($3,496,766)

*Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc., Lenexa, KS ($3,251,170)

*The Experience Corps, Washington, DC ($2,762,022).

More on this tomorrow.


  • Scott B. Peterson

    Where is the money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America ??  I sure hope they did not get passed up – as for 11 years I managed their federal OJJDP grants and they were an awesome investment of OJJDP and our tax payer funds.

    Scott B. Peterson, YouthBuild USA