The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide: For Ages 10 & Under

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Judy Galbraith

Free Spirit Publishing
122 pages. $12.99 paperback.

Self-help publisher Judy Galbraith, an advocate for gifted youth, created the first edition of this classic in 1984. Through a survey of 1,000 children across the country, this third revised edition features its GT (gifted and talented) audience on every page.

America’s 3 million gifted students in grades K to 12 (about 6 percent of all students) might excel in academics, creative thinking, leadership, psychomotor ability, or visual or performing arts. Their self-definitions range from “independent thinker” Adriana to Claire, who uses her intelligence to “make the world a better place.” Readers assess themselves with a quiz based on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory, learn about the GT brain, and discover ways to advocate for better school programs and handle boredom, perfectionism, stress and other challenges. Ten-year-old Judy advises on coping with bullies: “I just think how they’re going to work for me some day and ignore them and walk away.” The Gifted Children’s Bill of Rights and a quiz on brain-draining or brain-boosting activities are helpful tools.

Lively cartoons enhance this well-organized, kid-friendly handbook that parents, educators and anyone who works with children will also value. (800) 735-7323,