Top 10 Nonprofit ‘Brands’

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The distinction between corporate America and the nonprofit sector gets blurrier in this report, which ranks the 100 most powerful brand names among America's nonprofits, with YMCA of the USA atop the list.

The rankings, compiled by marketing firm Cone LLC and UK-based brand evaluator Intangible Business, combined the organizations' 2007 revenue, measurements of brand image and projected future growth to determine the top 100.

The report includes profiles of the top 10 nonprofits and also breaks the entire list into individual fields, including youth/education and domestic social needs, with the overarching intention of providing insight for the nation's nonprofits into how to increase revenue and develop community partners.

These are the top 10 overall nonprofits:

1.   YMCA of the USA

2.   The Salvation Army

3.   United Way of America

4.   American Red Cross

5.   Goodwill Industries International

6.   Catholic Charities USA

7.   Habitat for Humanity International

8.   American Cancer Society

9.   The Arc of the United States

10  Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The full report can be downloaded from