The Best, Worst Places to Work in Federal Gov’t.

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A nonprofit last month released rankings of the best places to work in federal government in 2009, based on surveys of employee satisfaction. Below is how youth-related government branches measure up among the 278 federal agencies and subcomponents evaluated. (Not all agencies were surveyed).

Administration for Children and Families (Health and Human Services) – 63.5 percent, up from 56.6 percent in 2007; 117th out of the 231 agency subcomponents surveyed.

Employment and Training Administration (Labor) – 54 percent, down from 56.6 percent in 2007; 202nd out of 231 subcomponents.

Corporation for National and Community Service – 66.4 percent, up from 64.2 percent in 2007; 17th out of the 37 small agencies surveyed.

The survey was compiled by the Partnership for Public Service, which advocates for public service employees in an effort to improve government performance.