Juvenile and Family Court Judges Conference Set for July


The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges is holding its annual conference in Chicago on July 12-15.

The conference offers a combination of workshops related to juvenile justice and child welfare. A few that looked particularly interesting:

*Front Loading the System: Powerful Tools for Early Permanency

* The Texas Model of Truancy Reduction: Responsibility, Accountability and Due Process (interesting, since the state is mostly known for its unproven daytime curfew experiment when it comes to truants)

*Trauma-informed Interventions for Youth with Behavior Problems in Juvenile and Family Courts

*What's In a Name? - Child Surname Issues (wonder if this is related to this study out of Shippensburg University)

*On Tuesday, July 14, there will also be an 8:30 a.m. session on hip-hop culture. It might be worth the price of admission just to watch judges take that information in with their morning coffee.

The fee for NCJFCJ members is $450; for non-members, it's $550. If you can register in the next three days, the fee is $25 less for either group.