• jbaud

    “Observers believe Norris, whom Obama came to know early in the Iowa caucus campaign, was forced out of the White House so that long-time Obama friend Susan Sher could take over.” Which observers? The observers have their facts wrong. Jackie Norris has three young children and did not wish to work 14-hour days required at the White House and asked to be moved to one that requires normal work hours. So I guess “observers” might be wrong on this. Ms. Norris is a close friend of both Obamas and is NOT being fired. She became COS precisely for that reason. Susan Sher is also is close friend. Jackie has tremendous organizational skills which CNCS could use. Her connection with the President could prove helpful in advocating on behalf of CNCS. Given partisan politics in Washington, don’t expect to see Mrs. Obama take part in any decision-making at CNCS. Every decision will be made directly by the President’s Office as it was the case with Jackie’s appointment.