Child Maltreatment 2007

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U.S. Administration on Children, Youth and Families

This analysis of approximately 3.2 million referrals made to the nation’s state child protective services (CPS) agencies in fiscal 2007 completes the federal government’s latest annual report showing trends in documented instances of child maltreatment.

The Administration on Children, Youth and Families used the National Child Abuse and Neglect System to collect case-level aggregated data from each state’s CPS agency. Among the key findings:

• Of 794,000 confirmed instances of child neglect or abuse, the most frequently cited age group was from birth to 1 year – a rate of 21.9 victims per 1,000 children in that age group.

• Nearly 60 percent of victims suffered neglect, 10.8 percent were physically abused, 7.6 percent suffered sexual abuse and 4.2 percent were mistreated psychologically.

• An estimated 1,760 children died due to abuse or neglect; more than 75 percent of the victims were under 4.

• Parents comprised about 80 percent of all perpetrators.

• More than 62 percent of confirmed victims received post-investigation services from CPS agencies. Free, 180 pages. (202) 205-8625,