The Peacemaker, Student Edition: Handling Conflict Without Fighting Back or Running Away

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Ken Sande, Kevin Johnson
Baker Books
175 pages. $12.99 paperback.

Based on pastoral consultant Ken Sande’s best-selling adult primer on conflict resolution, this Christian guide offers a four-step process for handling situations in which young people come into conflict with others. Peacemaking is seen as “a radical choice to pursue God’s way of dealing with every clash you face,” from power struggles within a church group to a father’s reaction to his daughter’s arrest for marijuana possession.

The authors are especially inspired on the topic of forgiveness, but they stop short of addressing violent conflicts, gangs, or severe bullying. Youth ministers will welcome the Bible-centered approach that includes discussion questions. Beyond church settings, youth workers can learn from youth minister Kevin Johnson’s group techniques. (800) 877-2665,