OJJDP Demonstration Grant RFP: Don’t Bother?

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The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention issued its solicitation for field-initiated demonstration programs, a piece of paper that at first glance looks very promising: $300,000 grants, nonprofits and public agencies welcome, promotes innovative proposals.

Here's the problem: It's pretty much all spent already.

The joint explanatory statement for Department of Justice appropriations lists $82 million available for Part E-Demonstration Projects, which is a discretionary funding stream. We checked Youth Today's own database of earmarks from OJJDP, which all come from Part E. Total amount earmarked by Congress: $80,896,000.

As explained to us by an earmark-process veteran, the pork winners have a separate application they need to submit. So it appears that this competition is for the extra $1.1 million. Good luck! Deadline is May 26.