Obama’s First 100 Days: Casey Wants Your Opinion

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The Annie E. Casey Foundation's 100Days/100Voices campaign is asking the public to submit written comments (100 words or less), photos and YouTube video clips (two minutes or less) answering the questions, "What is the most important thing that the Obama administration has done for children and families during this first 100 days? What should be next on the agenda? And why is this issue so important?"

The campaign is intended to start a national discussion on progress made toward making children, youth and families a lasting part of the national agenda, the foundation said.

The deadline is April 30. That day, the foundation will begin displaying selected submissions on its website, and disseminating them through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking outlets. Go to here for instructions and details.

Contact: AECF (410) 547-6600, 100Voices@aecf.org.