Homeland Insecurity

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Every Child Matters Education Fund

This new report shows that the United States lags behind many of the world's comparably wealthy democracies in its ability to care for children, including such categories as health insurance coverage, imprisonment rates, early education and after-school programs, and concludes by proposing a "10-Year, $500 Billion Invest-In-Kids Agenda."

The report, compiled by Every Child Matters Education Fund - a nonprofit devoted to making youth and family issues a national priority - includes a graph showing the United States has a child maltreatment death rate that is significantly higher than in other rich democracies such as Canada, Japan and Italy.  There is also a chart illustrating that the percentage of U.S. 3- to 5-year-olds enrolled in some sort of education program trails the percentages of France, the United Kingdom and Germany, with Canada being the only country among the seven nations surveyed to finish with a lower rate than the United States.

The billion-dollar funding proposal is broken down into such components as investing in child abuse prevention programs, providing health insurance for every child up to age 21 and providing all children up to age five with early care and education programs. Free, 32 pages. (202) 223-8177, http://www.everychildmatters.org/images/stories/pdf/homelandinsecurity3.pdf.