Grandparenting and Adolescent Adjustment in Two-Parent Biological, Lone-Parent, and Step-Families

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Multiple international researchers

Adolescents who spend time with their grandparents have better social skills and exhibit fewer behavior problems, according to this report. The link is particularly strong for youth who live in single-parent or stepfamily households. They said they view their grandparents as confidants and sources of comfort. The study also confirmed previous research that found grandchildren are closer to their maternal grandparents, particularly their grandmothers.

Youth self-reported that they were less hyperactive and disruptive when they talked often to a grandparent about social and school activities, got advice from grandparents or felt they could ask their grandparents for money. The study, which was conducted with 1,515 English and Welsh 11- to 16-year olds, appears in the February Journal of Family Psychology published by the American Psychological Association. Free, 9 pages. (800) 374-2721,