• gurpreet

    What Vijay Prashad does not disclose is that he has a political agenda in India that is similarly divisive in the ways that he accuses others – largely as an ideologue of the Communist Party of India. If you search for his writings, they are largely anti-American. It seems to lack credibility to take reference on an American’s role in an American office from a person who is a fundamentalist opposing the fundamentals of his rivals in India.

    As far as I can tell, Sonal did more than her share – as a unifier – by encouraging young people to go to India and act upon the issues that matter, rather than doing what Vijay Prashad asks I which is to get on public forums to make condemnations – and therefore further divide – a society already fragmented.

    This controversy is manufactured by politicos who understand the ignorance of India’s politics in America. I for one, strongly support Sonal, who has done more than one can imagine in promoting unity and progress, has worked at some of the most credible institutions in America, and is an asset to the American people. As an American, she deserves to be given opportunities based on her own record of service to our great country and not distracted by self-styled radicals like Vijay Prashad.

  • vijay

    The time and efforts put on by Sonal for the upliftment of poor people in balnce way its remarkable. The Poor has no colour and caste, they are looking for someone who can take them up in society.
    The value system of Mahatma Gandhi was not restricted to Hindustan , it was beyond boundry. Unfortunately co existance has considered him as an INDIAN.