Hope Out of the Box

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Youth Radio/National Public Radio

This youth-produced commentary makes the point that in the post-election years of Barack Obama’s presidency, young people will be sharing the new administration’s heavy weight of turning hopes into reality. Noting that hope can be both a positive and a negative force, Youth Radio reporter Orlando Campbell warns that, unless youth see signs of progress in the country, their hopes could easily be dashed, and “life’s possibilities [could] seem like they’re becoming narrower, not opening up.”

“It’s young people like me who are promised hope the most,” Campbell says. “Our teachers, they tell us we can go to the best schools, and our parents tell us that we can be whatever we want.” Experts caution that hope works best – especially for youth – when it’s realistic, and when the person who’s promising something is genuinely intent on delivering it. Nov. 10, http://www.npr.org.