Girls Sports and Eating Disorders: What’s the Connection?

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Aquarius Health Care Media
27 minutes. DVD $145.

What “hidden dangers” lurk in girls’ sports? Ninth-grader Allison dieted and exercised so strenuously that her menstrual cycle stopped. Now a coach at age 28, Allison has the bone loss of a menopausal woman and might not be able to have children. Anorexic Jamie ate practically nothing as a teenager – once an expert at starving, she is now a clinical social worker. At age 5, Justine began to eat paper. Now 10, Justine says she feared getting fat when she was told that she looked like her mother, who is plump.

Because of our culture’s obsession with thinness, a sports medicine specialist and a sports nutritionist caution mothers not to model anxiety about weight. They also explain Allison’s “female athlete triad” condition. An eating disorder specialist describes “disordered eating” as less extreme than anorexia nervosa; both are among a spectrum of disorders said to be on the increase for all ages.

These frank revelations effectively alert viewers to the hazards and signs of such disorders. (888) 440-2963,