Educationally/Insufficient? An Analysis of the Availability & Educational Quality of Children’s E/I Programming

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Children Now

Source: Children Now

Commercial television broadcasters are required by law to air a minimum of three hours of children's educational/instructional (EI) programming per week. This report finds that, of 90 commercial broadcasters examined, just one in eight of the required programs is actually "highly educational," while two-thirds are "moderately educational" and almost one quarter are only "minimally educational."  In light of these findings, the author find it difficult to "see how broadcasters' efforts are sufficiently serving the educational needs of the nation's children." Compared to the quality of such programs a decade ago, the percentage of highly educational programs has dropped by more than one-half. Sixty percent of all broadcasters air the minimum three hours of programming per week, while only 3 percent broadcast more than four hours per week. Free, 32 pages. (510) 763-2444,