Young Offender Grants from DOL: Act Now!

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Gotta love it when a federal agency announces grant availability with a deadline that is only a month later.

The Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is taking applications for a pot of $17.3 million that will fund three ventures, all related to effectively assisting offenders returning to the community from correctional facilities or detention centers:

* Local planning grants - to local governments, funds must be matched dollar for dollar. Most likely, 10 winners at $300,000 each.

* State or local offender implementation grants - can be used by governments for partnerships. Three winners, $3.1 million each.

* One grant for an intermediary - to a group that can demonstrate experience conducting demonstration sites in multiple cities. One $5 million grant.

The notice for the funding makes it clear what ETA believes will work in this mission: employment strategies, case management, educational strategies, mentoring, restorative justice and community violence prevention.

Get to it, though. The deadline for applications is December 18.

Here are links to winners of Youth Offender Grants competitions in 2007 and 2005.

  • Ron Smith

    My name is Ron Smith and I am a senior youth counselor. For the past fourteen years, I have been treating teenage males in a residential treatment facility who suffer from conduct disorders, emotional disorders and many other issues. In my third novel inspired by true events entitled, Loving Deeds for the Children: A Man Called Hawk, I have written about my experiences in the treatment environment. This novel is for clinicians, parents, students and teens. Loving Deeds is a novel that will inspire those who help improve the lives of troubled children and young adults. Loving Deeds can be purchased at, Barnes&,, and other sites where most books are sold. My goals are to educate, inspire lives and heal hearts.



  • Charm Stevenson

    As far as treatment is concerned, the funding really gives a wide range of aid to every community that will be given. This is one way of giving the priority to those teens to give a second chance with thorough therapy and cousneling for them. Residential treatment facilty is where they could acquire love and care that they primarily need. Hope that this will last long and help more youth offenders.