Mapping Community Data on Children of Prisoners: Strategies and Insights

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Urban Institute

An estimated 7.5 million children nationwide have a parent incarcerated in state or federal prisons or local jails, or on probation or parole. This brief examines the potential of the Re-entry Mapping Network - a partnership between the Urban Institute and community-based organizations in 15 jurisdictions that are collecting and mapping local data on prisoner re-entry. The resulting maps can highlight the overlap between parental incarceration and poverty, failing schools, poor health and other challenges.

The brief features a case study of The Providence Plan, which overlaid inmates' addresses with a count of the number of children of incarcerated parents to produce maps of cities in Rhode Island and each neighborhood in Providence where such children were concentrated - a persuasive visual device to use when illustrating the importance of collaboration among service agencies. Free, 8 pages. (202) 833-7200,