Corrections to October 2008 Articles

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Our October issue set a new record for errors. We plan to make it stand forever.

The article, “Groups Strive to Make Youth Issues Debatable,” described a Step Up for Kids Day rally that took place at a playground in Portland, because in that city “the Capitol was closed because of a recent fire.” The event did take place in Portland, but Oregon’s Capitol building is, of course, in its capital city: Salem.

The “How To …” feature about bringing after-school networks to scale said that a study of a New York City program by Policy Study Associates (PSA) found higher attendance in programs with the best “staff-to-youth” ratios. Principal researcher Elizabeth Reisner explains that the study did not measure those ratios. Rather, the data “suggest that hiring high school staff may enable programs to employ more staff members. … We speculate that these programs achieved higher staff-to-youth ratios, but we can’t confirm it.”

Also, that study by PSA is separate from its study of training for OST (Out-of-School-Time) workers. Because of an editing error, the story said they were connected.

In “On the Move,” the phone number for the National Network for Youth mixed its Washington, D.C., area code with its Seattle, Wash., number. The correct number for the Washington office is (202) 783-7949.

In Newsmakers, the Journalism Center on Children and Families was placed in the “For Profits” section. The center is a nonprofit.