Capitalizing on Volunteers’ Skills; Volunteering by Occupation in America

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Corporation for National and Community Service

According to this study done in support of A Billion + Change - a national campaign to raise $1 billion worth of donated professional expertise for nonprofits - most volunteers opt not to serve in a capacity related to their profession. It's too bad for nonprofits that they don't choose their own areas, because researchers found that volunteers who donate their occupational skills are more likely to volunteer long-term.

The study found that only about 11 percent of volunteers who work in health-care fields are engaged in related community activities. The same percentage held true for those employed in the arts, entertainment and sports fields. However, about 23 percent of volunteer legal professionals utilize their legal expertise in their main volunteer activity, and more than 36 percent perform legal services as one of many volunteer activities. Free, 16 pages. (202) 606-5000,