Bush Signs Remaining Youth-Directed Bills

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President Bush has signed the final two major pieces of juvenile legislation recently passed in Congress: the Protect Our Children Act, signed Monday and the Reconnecting Homeless Youth Act, signed Oct. 8.

The Protect Our Children Act, a bi-partisan effort sponsored in Congress by Sens. Joe Biden  (D-Del.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), gives more than $320 million to the Justice Department to fight online child pornography with advanced tracking technology and more investigators.  The law also requires Internet companies to report child pornography.

The president also signed a related bill-Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act that same day. This mandates sex offenders provide the National Sex Offender Registry with all their Internet identifiers, such as e-mail addresses.

The Reconnecting Homeless Youth Act  authorized appropriations for the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act, which passed in Congress Sept. 30.  The law increases the national budget to serve runaway and homeless youth from $113 to $165 million and includes money for shelters, counseling and other programs. In addition, the act mandates a study on runaway and homeless youth every five years in order know how to serve this group properly. It also requires a more careful review of who receives grants to favor those most experienced in running youth programs.

Terry Modglin, the public policy consultant for the National Network For Youth, said advocates consider the law a "legislative victory."



  • c bryant

    If the government could appropriate funding for new organizations who are pationately and willingly able to provide support education/homeless facilities to these children and youth. The government’s support in the way of funding would be a great assest to the community who is trying to make things better and who are there servicing these children and living with them. Those who are not there, only through their big organizations that only fill the bill instead of fitting the bill, meaning they are there in name only. They do not provide services within the immediate area of need, they do not care about the whole individual, child or youth, they take the community ideas and put it with their’s, They say they have a new idea. I am a victim of having a wonderful idea and the college, big business takes your idea. Whe can prevail if we had the opportunity to go for that same funding whether we are big or small organizations. One more thought if money went to only those who suppose to have more experience with homeless youth, then why are there so many youth who are homeless and youth’s who are in need of education support services. What is the problem, who has the answer, big business. Hang in there small organizations fighting for the youth of our century.