Fairfax Fed Up With Lunch-Line Thieves

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 The Washington Post

Video cameras will monitor Fairfax County, Va., high school cafeterias for the first time this fall, to keep students in the lunch line from stealing food. School board members approved a one-year trial for cameras at six locations after the school system’s food and nutrition services department estimated that $1.2 million worth of prepared food was pilfered from cafeterias last year. The loss is significant, given the department’s annual food budget of $74 million and the school system’s $150 million budget shortfall this year, not to mention rising food prices.

Officials said they try to limit opportunities to steal by keeping frequently swiped items off open shelves and routinely assigning staff members to monitor the lunch line. Stealing food is pervasive throughout the county, in high- and low-income areas alike, said Penny McConnell, director of food and nutrition services. Aug. 4, http://www.washingtonpost.com.