Unaccompanied Children in the United States

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Vera Institute of Justice

Each year, thousands of children are separated from their parents after deportation proceedings, but volunteer legal services for these “unaccompanied children” are in short supply. The Vera Institute of Justice, a nonprofit organization, compiled articles by scholars, advocates and attorneys to provide an overview of the research on unaccompanied children in the United States.

Some problems identified in the report include a lack of research about the migration of unaccompanied children and a lack of legal counsel for them during difficult and emotional proceedings.

The report also uncovered some improvements in the treatment of unaccompanied children, including implementation of procedural safeguards for children in removal proceedings, a reduction in the rate and length of detentions and an increased awareness of the trafficking of children. Free, 47 pages. (212) 334-1300, http://www.vera.org/publication_pdf/478_884.pdf.