Real People: Legal But Dangerous: OTC and Rx Drugs

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Sunburst Media
22 minutes. DVD/VHS packaged together, $129.95.

In a roundtable discussion, eleven high school students reveal common practices among peers who abuse easily available prescription and over-the-counter drugs without realizing the risks. Citing such brand names as Coricidin, Ritalin and Vicodin, participants agree that most teens consider what comes from drugstores to be safer than illegal drugs. Andrea shares her disturbing account of severe addiction to Ritalin and other drugs, including how she manipulated her doctor and experienced two rapes and a car accident while she was high.

Hilda Quiroz of the National School Safety Center describes dangerous side effects and overdoses while prescribing sensible behavior. Onscreen statistics – “one in five teens abuses addictive prescription painkillers” – reinforce her message.

A Teacher’s Guide for grades 7 through 12 contains a program summary and script along with worksheets and suggested reading. This fact-packed film whizzes through details too quickly. Production standards are uneven: Music interferes with spoken words and text is marred by spelling and grammatical errors. These flaws undermine the film’s appeal to media-savvy teens. (800) 431-1934,