Internet Gives Graffiti Vandals a Global Audience

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Los Angeles Times

Having their “tags,” or graffiti signatures, viewed by a few thousand commuters each day apparently isn’t enough exposure for some graffiti artists. A hot new trend now has taggers filming themselves during daring public feats of paint vandalism (aka bombings) and posting the videos on YouTube, drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers from around the world.

The self-advertising campaign of prolific Los Angeles tagger “Buket” backfired recently when police used a YouTube video of Buket “bombing” a city bus in broad daylight to identify and arrest him. Experts say the bombers compete to trump each other’s outrageous tagging tactics, and officials worry that someone will get seriously hurt. Buket found online fame by climbing out on and tagging a freeway overpass while cars sped under him 20 feet below. May 28,