Improvements to Demographic Household Data in the Current Population Survey: 2007

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U.S. Census Bureau

In 2007, the Census Bureau reported that 73.7 million children younger than 18 years old lived in the United States. Of these, 67.8 percent lived with married parents, 25.8 percent lived with one parent, 3.5 percent lived with no parent present, and 2.9 percent lived with two unmarried parents. Additionally, 67.1 million opposite sex couples lived together. Of these, 60.7 million were married couples and 6.4 million were unmarried couples. Among the 2.2 million children living with two unmarried parents, 47 percent of the children were white, 30 percent were Hispanic and 15 percent were black.

The data was obtained from the 2007 Current Population Survey, a survey that has been continuously conducted since 1940. The survey was recently expanded to include information that identifies unmarried partners living together in the same household, as well as the children who live with two unmarried parents. Free, 28 pages. (301) 763-3030,