A Report on the Opinions and Attitudes of the Millennial Generation toward the United States Public Service Academy

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U.S. Public Service Academy

Between April 3 and April 8, SocialSphere Strategies of Cambridge, Mass., polled 800 members of the "Millennial Generation" - college-bound high school students, college students and college graduates - to assess their attitudes toward public service and their opinions about the founding of a potential U.S. Public Service Academy, a national civilian college modeled on the military service academies.

According to the poll, Millennials believe the nation's leaders in private, public and political sectors are not doing enough to encourage youth to enter public service. Additionally, Millennials indicated that they would be more likely to vote for someone who supported public service programs for youth, and would be more likely to engage in service if it was a higher government priority. The majority of Millennials also supported the creation of the a national public service academy, and would consider applying. Free, 270 pages. (202) 712-9121. http://uspublicserviceacademy.org.