More SSI Money for Disabled Youth

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A new federal regulation should make it easier to get more money for families trying to secure Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for disabled children.

Effective June 16, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will change its rules regarding “parent-to-child deeming.” That’s the process by which SSA considers the parental income that is available to a child when determining the child’s monthly SSI benefit. The benefit is reduced by the amount of parental income that is “deemed” available to the child.

The new rule deals with situations in which a child lives with a stepparent, and the natural or adoptive parent has permanently left the household. Under such circumstances, the rule says that SSA “no longer will consider the income and resources of a stepparent.”

In-kind support and maintenance, including the value of food and shelter provided by a stepparent to a child, will still be deemed.

Contact: Eric Skidmore, Office of Income Security Programs (410) 597-1833.