The Real Deal! Anger Management for Adolescents: Cognitive-Behavioral-Relaxation Techniques with Small Groups

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Arthur Lange, Vernessa Gipson
Baxley Media Group/Research Press
3 DVDs or Videos, 117 minutes total; audio CD; Leader’s Guide; 24 Skill Cards. $395.

Professional facilitators Lange and Gipson conduct this anger management intervention for small groups of middle and high school students. Teaching a group of teens on screen, they pause for viewers to complete skill cards and perform their own role-playing exercises with local trainers. After a dramatized confrontation, real teens on film discuss their own conflicts and rethink situations through a four-part process, followed by steps for calm communication.

The “Takin’ It” section shows how to accept criticism constructively. “Givin’ It” focuses on asking others to stop or change their behavior, and “Workin’ It Out” explores compromise and negotiation.

The genuine scenarios are effective. With coaching from facilitators and classmates, one young man practices how to convince the dean of his school to stop harassing him. Each video can be divided into three one-hour sessions. A “Progressive Muscle Relaxation” audio CD is included. Techniques are similar to the violence prevention program below, but the format differs. (800) 519-2707,