The Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting

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Dan Doyle with
Deborah Doermann Burch
Hall of Fame Press
478 pages. $39.95.

Doyle, a former high school and college basketball coach and a sports educator, enthusiastically coaches parents on his “values-based sports parenting philosophy.” Emphasizing ethics, in sections ranging from parent/coach issues to college recruitment, Doyle offers sound guidelines, such as “Be sure to show as much pride in your player’s efforts as in the wins.” The readable format includes lists, anecdotes and poetry. Citing the 13 percent of young athletes who do not want their parents to attend games if they exhibit intrusive and embarrassing behaviors, this hefty tome offers straight talk about the positives and perils of participation in sports. Forthcoming are The Master Coach Manual and a second volume covering more issues. (401) 874-2550,