Men on a Mission: Valuing Youth Work in Our Communities

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William Marsiglio
The Johns Hopkins University Press
381 pages. $30 (paperback).

Observing 55 men of all ages who work in paid or volunteer positions with young males, sociologist Marsiglio finds “the vital ways in which men from a wide range of backgrounds … make a difference in kids’ lives.” One youth worker credits a male mentor for his emergence from poverty and crime. A science teacher shares his Native American culture with at-risk students through touchable bones, rocks and fur. One man performs free-style rap for youths attending his healthy sexuality programs. Marsiglio’s study covers child care, schools, criminal justice programs, recreation and faith-based organizations. He asks, “What will it take to transform the culture of care and youth work so as to entice more men to … expand the army that supports and protects kids?” These perceptive portraits of the exceptional men who do so might encourage more to follow. (800) 537-5487,