Global GraffitiWall

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Tamara Sniad, Claudia Weisburd, Joana Davis-Díaz
Center for Afterschool Education/Foundations
76 pages. $24.95.

This partner to GraffitiWall contains international-themed activities that build geography and map skills, cultural awareness and critical thinking. For after-school participants in grades 4 to 8, attach a large, blank sheet of paper to a wall; provide markers, maps and book or Web resources; and choose among 21 fun games, puzzles or projects. In “Global Greeters,” kids learn how to say hello in different languages. For “Food Flash,” they trace the sources of favorite foods. More complex projects include debates on world issues and the creation of a new city, country or planet. Projects offer flexibility in scheduling and individual or team effort. Checklists, assessment charts and planning tips are included. (856) 533-1600,