An Invited Threat

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Steven Keewatin Sanderson, Thomas Deer, Tania Willard
The Healthy Aboriginal Network
44 pages. $5. Bulk pricing for five or more copies.

Produced by a Canadian nonprofit in an effort to prevent diabetes, this colorful comic book dramatizes the dangers of junk food. Eight-year-old Ricky loves candy and other goodies from his father’s store in their small mountain town. When a speaker at a community meeting suggests fighting the First Nations’ diabetes epidemic by stocking healthy food in the store, the father is offended.

Then Ricky, having lost track of his parents in a blinding snowstorm, follows superhero Captain Zaz into an otherworld where he eats until he’s sick. Each parent, also lost, endures nightmarish visions that expose their poor diet. Atmospheric pop-culture artwork captures the setting and brings expressive faces and horrible monsters to life. The message will reach all ages. (604) 876-0243,