Drug War Facts, 6th Edition

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Edited by Douglas A. McVay
Common Sense for Drug Policy
278 pages. $14.95.

Since President Nixon declared a War on Drugs in 1971, opinions have varied as to whether police crackdowns work. Drawn from government sources, journals and newspapers, this 2007 compendium of facts and figures is organized under such topics as “Adolescents,” “Crime,” “Economics,” “Ecstasy,” “Marijuana” and “Methamphetamine.” Brief entries are directly quoted and carefully sourced, and are geared to debunk common beliefs about everything from the effects of particular drugs to the effectiveness of anti-drug strategies. The contents are regularly updated online.

The nonprofit organization that publishes the book says it is “dedicated to reforming drug policy and expanding harm reduction.” The book comes with a 12-minute DVD from L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), declaring that the War on Drugs has failed and calling for the legalized regulation of drugs. (717) 299-0600, www.drugwarfacts.org.