Counseling Troubled Boys: A Guidebook for Professionals

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Edited by Mark S. Kiselica, Matt Englar-Carlson, Arthur M. Horne
304 pages. $34.95.

In response to the recent explosion of public concern about the well-being of adolescent boys, this enlightened guide advises those who counsel them. Even the most resistant young men can be engaged with such male-friendly approaches as exchanging the therapist’s couch for walking or shooting baskets. The writers – mental health practitioners – use their insights into development and behavior, as well as the latest research on the teen brain, to emphasize male strengths and resiliency. They use case studies to address how to counsel special populations, such as gay boys and boys from impoverished families. This offering bodes well for the publisher’s new series, “Counseling and Psychotherapy with Boys & Men.” Another title in the series appears in this column under Mentoring. (800) 634-7064,