BAM! Boys Advocacy and Mentoring: A Leader’s Guide to Facilitating Strengths-Based Groups for Boys

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Peter Mortola, Howard Hilton, Stephen Grant
142 pages. $34.95.

These three professional counselors offer a valuable blueprint for weekly sessions of BAM! groups for boys to counteract our culture’s tough-male messages. The goal of BAM! groups, the writers say, is to “help boys experience healthy contact with themselves and others.” They describe 10 sessions of an actual group in detail, including facilitators’ presentations, group exercises and boys’ responses. After seeing the powerful growth of this group’s identity, readers might be moved to start their own groups. Instructions, forms and other resources are provided. The fifth-grade school setting adapts to other ages and places.

This superb guide delivers a rare combination of solid, outside-the-box theory, practical advice and inspiration. This is the second entry in the publisher’s “Counseling and Psychotherapy with Boys & Men” series. (See Mental Health). (800) 634-7064,