Advancing Achievement: Findings from an Independent Evaluation of a Major After-School Initiative

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Public/Private Ventures (P/PV)

Several publications spun off from P/PV’s recent evaluation of Communities Organizing Resources to Advance Learning (CORAL) – an eight-year, $58 million after-school initiative funded by the James Irvine Foundation – highlight the demonstrated relationship between high-quality literacy programming and academic gains:

• What Matters, What Works: Advancing Achievement After School, 24 pages, underscores the potential of after-school programs to advance academic achievement.

• Supporting Success: Why and How to Improve Quality in After-School Programs, 37 pages, examines program improvement strategies step-by-step.

• After-School Toolkit: Tips, Techniques and Templates for Improving Program Quality, 54 pages, is a practical, hands-on guide for implementing high-quality programming.

• Gaining Ground: Supporting English Learners through After-School Literacy Programming, nine pages, presents findings that demonstrate a relationship between key approaches in CORAL and the academic progress of youths learning English.

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