The Essential Guide to Talking with Gifted Teens

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Jean Sunde Peterson
Free Spirit Publishing
282 pages. $39.95.

This outstanding handbook offers everything a facilitator needs to conduct discussion groups with gifted teens about growing up. Gifted youths struggle with the same developmental challenges that face all teenagers, but often need support with stress and other side effects of high expectations. Based on Peterson’s work as a teacher and counselor in middle and high schools, alternative schools and substance-abuse treatment centers, the meticulous session plans cover such issues as cyber-networking and self-harm, all under six focus topics: identity, stress, relationships, feelings, family and the future.

Peterson’s 15 self-assessment questions for group leaders, included in an introduction that offers insights into every aspect of facilitation, should be required for every adult who works with teens. The guide and enclosed CD-ROM contain 33 reproducible activity and evaluation pages. (612) 338-2068,