Outcomes Linked to High-Quality Afterschool Programs: Longitudinal Findings from the Study of Promising Afterschool Programs

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Policy Studies Associates (PSA), the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of California, Irvine

This two-year study of elementary and middle school program found that program quality had a significant impact on the standardized test scores and social interactions of their participants. The research focused on economically disadvantaged minority youth in programs that met an average of four days a week and lasted throughout the school year. Researchers concluded that the programs with the most impact had strong community relationships, while lack of supervision within the program was strongly correlated with negative outcomes. PSA conducts research for foundations, government organizations and others on education and youth development. Free. 8 pages. (202) 939-9780, www.policystudies.com/studies/youth/Promising%20Programs%20FINAL.pdf.