Youth Exposure to Alcohol Advertising on Radio, 2006

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Georgetown University, Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth

The amount spent by the alcohol industry on radio advertising decreased by 38 percent between 2001 and 2006. However, more than one-third of radio ads for alcohol in 2006 were more likely, on a per-capita basis, to be heard by underage youth than adults, according to this monitoring report.

In 2003, trade associations for the beer and distilled spirits industry announced that their members would no longer place ads on programs for which the underage youth audience exceeds 30 percent. Nevertheless, last year one in 12 radio ads for alcohol were placed on such programs, the report says. In five markets – Washington, D.C.; Seattle; Philadelphia; Portland, Ore.; and Salt Lake City – more than 50 percent of alcohol product advertisements were placed during times when youth were more likely to hear them, according to the report. Free. 14 pages. (202) 687-1019,