Kids Grade Adults as Average

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Adults received their customary mediocre grade – a “C” – from youths in the latest Uhlich Report Card, which asks 1,000 teens around the country to grade adults on a number of counts, such as “stopping kids from drinking” and “really listening to and understanding youth.”

Adults received grades in the “C” range for 13 of the 20 categories. Their best mark, a “B,” came in three categories: providing a safe place to live, creating job opportunities for the future and providing a high-quality education for youth. The lowest grade, a “C-minus,” was doled out for protecting the environment, running the government and understanding why teens leave home.

The Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network is a Chicago-based nonprofit serving abused and neglected youth. It produces the report with the research division of the Child Welfare League of America. Contact: (773) 588-0180,