Voices of Students on Engagement: A Report on the 2006 High School Survey of Student Engagement

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Indiana University

This survey of students in 110 high schools in 26 states aims to illustrate how intellectually engaged high school students believe they are in their course material. Most students reported being bored in at least one class a day and not being interested in the material overall. The survey findings indicate that students become less engaged in academic subjects as they get older, and that boys and racial/ethnic minorities are the least engaged. Students taking advanced or honors courses reported the highest levels of engagement, with special education students reporting the least.

Participating schools are using the data to implement strategies to improve curricula and teaching practices in an effort to boost student engagement. Free. 12 pages. (812) 856-1429, http://ceep.indiana.edu/hssse/pdf/HSSSE_2006_Report.pdf.