FY 2008 Federal Drug Budget: Prevention Funding Continues to Decline

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Carnevale Associates

Spending on federal anti-drug programs will decline under the Bush administration’s 2008 proposed drug-control budget – reflecting a decline in spending for the first time in nearly two decades, according to this analysis by the nonprofit research firm Carnevale Associates. The administration’s proposed $13 billion drug-control budget represents a $167 million decline from 2007, and cuts prevention spending while increasing funding for overseas supply reduction programs – a puzzling strategy when the drugs most likely to be abused these days (prescription drugs and marijuana) are usually produced domestically, the policy brief notes. Since 2002, supply reduction has gone from 55 percent of the federal drug budget to a proposed 64 percent in 2008, according to Carnevale. Free. Two pages. (301) 977-3600, http://carnevaleassociates.com/Federal_Drug_Budget_FY08.pdf.